Be our Guest

Creating an inviting guest bedroom isn’t always a priority for homeowners but it helps guests feel welcome and cared for. Trust us, next time your loved ones are in town, you’ll be happy you took a little time and money to spruce up your extra room.

When decorating your guestroom, the goal is to create an atmosphere that is warm and relaxing.  If you’re redoing your floors, you might consider a comfy carpet. Natural elements and neutral colors are timeless and will give you a nice canvas for your décor. Beaulieu has a great variety of carpets that can fit the bill, starting with the Wool Inspiration collection. It will allow you to get the trendy look of wool, combined with the strength of polypropylene, all rolled into beautiful earth tones for a comfortable and affordable carpet.

Moreover, nice bedding is definitely a must and should be on the top of your list when creating a guest bedroom. It has to be fresh, clean and comfortable. There is no need to have a perfect matching set, as long as it’s soft and cozy. If your bedding has been stored for a while, simply put them in the dryer with dryer sheets or a sachet of lavender to freshen them up. Don’t forget to leave extra pillows and blankets in the room in case your guests need them during the night.

Bedside lighting is also important. Your guests will be glad to have a lamp to turn on in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom or that they can turn off right before going to sleep after a bit of reading. Speaking of reading, leaving books and magazines in the room is always a nice touch. Nowadays, Wi-Fi information and a charging station are also something to consider. Using a cute frame to display the Wi-Fi password is fashionable and thoughtful.


In order for your guests to be able to unpack and feel at home, make sure you leave space in the closet or empty drawers in the dresser. Especially if they stay for longer than a night, they’ll appreciate space to hang their clothes and unpack their suitcases.


A little basket of bathroom essentials will also go a long way for your guests. In addition to supplying fresh towels, extra toiletries are a nice welcoming gift. In addition to soap, shampoo and body lotion, don’t forget a spare toothbrush and a tiny package of toothpaste!

basket toileteries

Once you’ve followed these easy steps, all that’s left to do is rest easy knowing your guests are happy and comfortable!