50 Shades of Turquoise

Keep the summer vibe in your house longer by adding turquoise accents. A perfect combination of green and blue, this joyful color is a burst of energy and still very trendy. It’s so fresh, it will remind you of hot summer days by the pool.
Don’t hesitate to mix different shades or use them in a print. It can be a painting, a rug, a sofa of small accessories, turquoise will bring vitality to your room. Here are three ways to add it to your décor.
1. Kitchen Accessories
Whether it’s a vintage water bottle, salad bowls or placemats, add color therapy to your plate!
2. A Rug
In the living room, matched with a pale flooring or in the bathroom with a braided rug, it’s a colorful addition to your room.
3. Child’s Room
A great alternative to classic baby blue or light pink. A unisex color, turquoise brings new options to the rest of your décor.
One thing is certain.  Rich and deep colors are in. Pastels and faded colors are out. Vibrant colors is what it’s all about!