At Beaulieu, our goal is to encourage physical fitness and good health; we are definitely a company on the move – literally.  Around here, it’s all about being your best in all aspects of your day-to-day life.

As employers have witnessed healthcare costs rise and productivity fall due to preventable health and stress-related issues, we are on a mission to do something about it.  We are constantly working towards a culture of health through our Healthy Steps Wellness Program.  As part of this initiative, the Company encourages walking every day.  Many of our team members have pledged to walk for better health and some of our facilities have even set up walking courses to boost participation and increase awareness of the need to stay active.  It’s not uncommon to see our team members taking a “power walk” during their lunch break or at any time during the workday.  Because of the commitment of some of these team members, many have stopped using tobacco products, lost weight, and improved their overall health.  Team members enrolled in the Healthy Steps Wellness Program have the opportunity to receive discounts on their insurance premiums too!

Caring about the health and wellness of our team members is one way that Beaulieu America is striving to be the employer of choice in the floor covering industry.