Be Bold, Go for Gold!

What a luxurious color! It’s an instant upgrade to any room! Make your room luminous with gold accessories or even golden wood flooring. If you’re on a limited budget, here are three  ways to add it to your décor without breaking the bank! Just get in a DIY spirit and you are good to go!
1) Golden spray paint
The results are amazing! It makes almost anything look more expensive. It’s a great option if you want to add touches of gold here and there. You can use it on almost anything: frames, tableware, jars, wood, etc.
2. Create foil prints
Create a frame with your favorite quote or the first letter of your name. It’s a cute way to give personality to the room and create a décor that speaks for you!
3.  Use a golden fabric or sequins
Make a pillow out of a golden fabric or sequins. It’s much cheaper than buying gold accessories and it looks oh-so-luxurious! You can even sew them yourself.  Your sofa will suddenly look like a throne!
The only limit is your imagination! Get your creativity on and shine bright!