Beaulieu is Raising the Standard

Nowadays, consumers are more demanding than ever when it comes to the quality and the price of the products they purchase. In order to stay relevant in this kind of market, companies have to find ways to differentiate themselves from the competition and to offer customers more bang for their buck.

Product certification or qualification is the process of certifying that a specific product has passed performance and quality assurance tests, and that it meets the industry’s qualification criteria. Considering the problems that occurred in the past regarding certain defects, a certification process is a great way for companies to be assured of the quality and stability of the products that they are purchasing and selling.

Five years ago, Beaulieu did just that, by creating its own hands-on quality control process, making it one of the only hard surface flooring distributor to do so. Beaulieu’s certification, Beaulieu Lab Certified (BLC), was developed to ensure the products are being made according to the company’s high quality standards. The certification is done in two stages. First, a visual inspection is performed in the factory during the manufacturing process to verify the color, the length, the width, etc. of every SKU in a random manner. The second stage of the certification is the laboratory inspection. Every product undergoes several tests and if one is failed, it is sent back to the factory. Each test is documented with detailed reports, photos and videos to guarantee accuracy.

This certification is easily recognizable by the BLC logo which is affixed to the samples and appears in the brochures and on the website. Beaulieu firmly believes this is a crucial step for quality control enhancement. According to Hamid Bonyanpour, head engineer at Quality Assurance Veritas (QAV), the lab which performs the tests, “no matter where in the world the product is made, the most important thing is quality control”. QAV employees are mostly electrical, chemical and mechanical engineers, meaning that they can customize equipment for different tests and invent new methods of testing based on the data they collect. The lab workers also spend time in the factories where the products are made to ensure they understand the manufacturing process. That way, if the lab employees uncover a product defect, they can help the factory find ways to correct it because they have a good understanding of the issues. “My employees know everything about hard surface flooring. It’s our speciality”, says M. Bonyanpour.

For consumers, choosing products that have undergone a certification shows commitment not only to their family’s welfare, but also to the quality of the products they are buying. This goes to show that product certification is a must for today’s savvy consumers.