Beautiful and capable, like the women who buy it.

Before there was Bliss carpet most manufacturers never considered women’s needs. When Beaulieu set out to create it, hundreds of female shoppers across America were interviewed in-depth to learn what they liked and didn’t like about shopping for floor covering. Why? Because they make over 90% of the purchase decisions for the home. Beaulieu tested new displays and simplified the shopping process using hidden cameras in actual retail environments. The result is truly their brand.

Bliss carpet replaces the existing flooring in any home with trend-setting designs and features that consumers ask for, including:

  • Unique features that address real issues in her life, like a clean-smelling home, an antimicrobial treatment and stain resistance.
  • A “You’ll love it or we’ll take it back” Guarantee, so if she’s not happy, we’ll make it right… no questions asked.
  • Colors, textures and designs that fit her lifestyle, whatever her tastes or needs.
  • Most carpets in the line feature Magic Fresh® odor reducing treatment. Magic Fresh is exclusive to Beaulieu and effectively reduces most common household odors, including those from pets, cooking or smoking.
  • Some even feature a lifetime stain warranty.

Bliss carpet includes these collections:



Made with super-soft, super-durable SoftSense™ BCF Polyester fiber technology, Magic Fresh® air purifying treatment, Silver Release® antimicrobial treatment and 3M Scotchgard® Protector.

HealthyTouch™ Products


Soft, luxurious, durable.  These are the features afforded by the Perfection collection of styles.  Crafted of Beaulieu’s Nyluxe™ filament nylon fiber, Perfection meets and exceeds the needs of any homeowner.  The addition of Magic Fresh® and Scotchgard™ Protector by 3M only enhance the desirability of these fine products.

Perfection™ Products


The softest carpet with the ultimate in performance, Indulgence is everything you want in your next carpet.  These products are crafted of super-soft, but super-durable PermaSoft® solution dyed nylon.  Solution dyed fibers have color all the way through the fiber.  Not only are they fade and stain resistant, they also feature our exclusive Magic Fresh® odor reducing technology.

Indulgence™ Products


The easiest to clean carpet…ever plus, it is the carpet that pet lovers love.  Our exclusive SoftSense solution dyed filament polyester fiber has built-in stain resistance that will not wash off.  It can be cleaned with a 50% bleach and water solution without damaging the fibers or removing the color.  You; and your pets, will truly love it!

EverClean™ Products

Family Favorites

All products in this collection are treated with Magic Fresh®, the only carpets that reduce odors from pets, cooking, even smoking.  Family Favorites provides you with a cleaner, fresher feeling home every day.  Magic Fresh will never disappear even after vacuuming or cleaning and it is environmentally safe.

Since its launch in 2008, Bliss carpet has been recognized by the floor covering industry for excellence in innovation and design. Among the recognitions Bliss has received are the Dealer’s Choice Award, the Award of Excellence and the Styling Excellence Award.

We invite you to visit your dealer and see for yourself what it is that sets Bliss carpet apart from the rest. When you do, you’ll discover why we really are considered “The nicest carpet in the world”®.