Library Inspiration for your Home

Your living room looks boring? Empty? Create a décor that is both practical and fashion! Use one of your wall to create a home library. Possibilities are infinite and you can create the perfect décor to match your style.
First, you need to choose your structure. If you want your library to be the centerpiece of your room, opt for something that will cover the whole wall. You can also go for shelves combined with the television stand, for example.
Then, it’s time to fill it! Organized mess is trending right now. Place all of you books in different ways. Put some horizontally in little piles and others vertically. Don’t overload it by putting too many. Make sure all books are visible. Keep in mind that it needs to practical first.  Mix colors and textures to create a unique wall that represents your style.
For the final touch, add personal accessories to your library. Candles, decorative items, frames or anything that means something for you. It’s a nice way to integrate memories and moments that you cherish to the room, and always keep them close.
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