As an eco-conscious and family-owned company, the health and well-being of customers and business partners are at the heart of our core values. Protecting the environment and wildlife for future generations also forms and integral part of these values. In matters of product and sourcing, Beaulieu America has always sought to respect and exceed industry standards, establishing strict policies in order to guarantee product quality.


Because the health and well-being of our customers and sourcing partners form an integral part of our commitment, we want to make sure that our products respect health and safety requirements.



We are fully committed to protecting the environment and wildlife as well as the health and well-being of our customers and sourcing partners; therefore, we carefully consider health, safety and working conditions when selecting our suppliers. It is mandatory for them to work in line with our company values.


At the heart of our philosophy is a belief that environmental progress can only be achieved by rethinking our relationship with our planet and conserving our natural environment.


Raw materials

In order to ensure that our products meet our strict environmental and wildlife protection requirements, we always request certificates of origin from our suppliers for raw materials used in the manufacture of our products.