Beaulieu is dedicated to providing quality products to its customers.
To ensure the products are being made according to its high quality standards, Beaulieu has every production tested in a professional and certified laboratory. Here are just some of the many tests being done on our luxury vinyl products and why:

NO Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
This very technical test is performed by heating the product in order to determine how much ‘matter’ is evaporated. The higher the evaporation level, the higher is the product’s potential toxicity. Beaulieu’s luxury vinyl products pass this test and are therefore certified not to pose any exposure of volatile organic compounds that are known to cause harm to the environment and to human health.

If wear resistance is low, the surface will quickly show signs of aging and the lower layers will become compromised (exposed to stains, scratching, etc.).

These tests determine the luxury vinyl’s capacity to withstand normal degrees of heat (under floor heating, sun exposure, etc.).
This will ensure that the flooring stays flat and will not deform or warp. All Beaulieu luxury vinyl products pass these tests to ensure that your flooring will stay flat under normal living conditions.

Beaulieu Luxury Vinyl Flooring is treated with an advanced antimicrobial treatment. This treatment gives your new flooring enhanced protection against mold and mildew.