Discover our Engineered Hardwood Collections

Hardwood floors are a design option that’s been around for centuries. With a wide array of species, lengths, widths and finishes they can suit any décor and style your heart desires. Many designers will tell you; there’s no better way to warm up and add class to a room than hardwood floors. They enhance the décor of any home by providing timeless beauty that will increase in value throughout the years.


One of 2016’s biggest trends according to WGSN is going natural: “organic walls and floors will become more common, with cork, plywood and chipboard appreciated for their natural qualities”. What better way to go natural than to opt for a wire-brushed hardwood floor? Beaulieu offers many styles with wire-brushed finishes such as the Pizzazz  collection that comes in six beautiful colors and  Adoration available in five hues. As defined by the World Floor Covering Association, this technique uses a wire-brush to scrape off the soft top layer of the wood, leaving only the hardest wood and exposing more of the wood’s natural grains and texture. Grey tones are also very popular this year because they are a great way to modernize a room. It’s also a versatile color that ranges from light grays to deep saturated darks. Gray hues bring out the beauty of natural wood, highlighting the grains and texture, while at the same time, they won’t overpower a room and will complement many decorating styles. There are many styles that come in grey tones in Beaulieu’s engineered hardwood. We can think of Barn Board and Mountain Mist from the Pizzazz collection or River’s Edge in the Distinguished collection.


An important characteristic of hardwood floors is that they are a natural, renewable and recyclable resource. Wood flooring is naturally hypo-allergenic. The organic trend is also a big contender this year. There’s a growing interest in everything natural and aimed at celebrating nature in its most authentic form. This movement is visible in the way we eat fresh and local products, how we shop responsibly and now in the way we decorate our homes. “For seasons to come, trends are pointing towards consumer willingness to spend money on meaningful and mindful products and materials, rather than synthetic pieces”, as said by WGSN. All of Beaulieu’s hardwood styles have the Forest Stewardship Council certification which means that wood has been verified not to come from illegally harvested forests, forests harvested in violation of traditional and civil rights, forests in which high conservation values are threatened, forests that are being converted to plantations or non-forest use, or forests where genetically-modified trees are planted. Thus, if you choose the Distinguished, Noble, Pizzazz or Unique Attraction collection, you will know that the wood is sources in a eco-responsible way.


Thanks to modern technology, a wide array of species are now available as engineered boards, which is what Beaulieu offers. Made from stable layers of veneers, rather than solid stock, engineered floors can be installed in those areas of the house where solid hardwood may not be suitable, such as kitchens and basements. In today’s market, there is a type of wood flooring for practically all applications: homes, from the basement up, condominiums, cottages, shops and offices. Wood floors have become one of the most versatile flooring choices available. Over the course of its life cycle, wood flooring is more cost-effective than many other types of floors while having minimal environmental impact.