Everything Rose Gold

Rose gold started being popular in Russia in the early 1900s. Carl Fabergé, renowned jeweller to the czars, was one of the first to use this metal in his famous Fabergé Eggs. Blending gold and copper created a superb pink material that was first named “Russian Gold.” As this alloy became popular among jewellers around the world, it was later renamed “Rose Gold.”

According to interior designer Shelly Rosenburg: “metals and metallic finishes play a big role in interior design. Whether metallics are bold and masculine or have the most feminine of touches, metals endow sparkle, reflection and drama into a room”. Rose gold is a great and trendy color to add to your décor since it’s warmer than most metals and it pairs well with this year’s top Pantone hue, rose quartz. If you’re looking for a way to incorporate this versatile color in your home, go for decor accessories. Whether you want to decorate your office, your bedroom or your living room, you’ll find that almost any item you want comes in a rose gold finish. And if it doesn’t, you can easily DIY any product into the desired shade.

To create a relaxing bedroom while incorporating the rose gold trend, opt for neutral paint color and floor covering. Hard surface floors are always trendy but also keep in mind that carpets bring a cozy atmosphere to a room. Soft greys, off-whites and beiges are good color options. You can then add a rose gold metallic alarm clock, small tray for your jewelry or bedside lamp. It will definitely bring a beautiful glow to the room.


Living room
Rose gold mirrors, picture frames and candlesticks are easy to find at reasonable prices and will embellish almost any décor. However, if you’re not sure about the metallic trend, you can pick a sofa or cushions in rose gold upholstery.


To incorporate this trend to your kitchen, hardware is the best way to go. From cabinet knobs, to hinges, to faucets, you will find anything you need to add a touch of rose gold to your kitchen. Big pendant lamps are also a great statement.


As autumn approaches, the warmth of rose gold will be a nice addition to your home. We hope these few tips will help you get started on your next home decoration project.