Flower Power

Freshly cut flowers are always a nice touch in a house, but they only last for a little while. To relish the joy that flowers bring all year long, just add floral patterns to your décor. For those who are wondering: flowers don’t have to be girlie or granny. There are many modern ways to incorporate them to your rooms.

First of all, it’s important to know your options. It’s pretty much impossible to put florals in a single category because each pattern will create its own effect, determined by its style, size, and color. According to WGSN, floral patterns “are featured in a variety of directions, ranging from diluted watercolor washes to stylised, bold mark-making and realistic, pencil-drawn monochrome representations”. Even though the selection of florals is vast and eclectic, it is pretty easy to incorporate them to your décor with a few tips.


#1. If you want to start small, go for floral china, pillows or curtains. Remember that the scale of the pattern affects the look. A large print on a small object looks modern, while a cushion with a mini version of the same pattern would have a sweet, vintage feel.


#2. Breaking news: it is possible to find furniture with a floral pattern that doesn’t look like it’s coming straight out of your grandma’s attic. Just pay attention to details and pass on skirted bottoms and upholstered pieces. Also, match your floral furniture piece with a rug that has a graphic design or color-blocked pillows for a modern feel.

#3. You can mix floral patterns. The key to pairing prints is using a matching background color. It is then easy to showcase different flower motifs but also stripes, dots, and solids. You can also play with scale using tiny or large patterns to create focal points.


#4. There is such a thing as manly florals. Two-tone floral designs, especially in black-and-white are a great option. Moreover, large bold floral patterns can give a less-feminine, modern-art look.

No matter how you incorporate flowers to your home décor, they will continue to be a trendy choice for years to come. Additionally, with the advances of digital printing, “floral prints can be offered in new exciting looks that a younger generation identify as theirs,” says Liberty Interiors Head of Design, Emma Mawston.