Funky from Flooring to Ceiling!

Looking for new ways to add a little craziness to your décor? You’ve got the furniture, the flooring and the wall colors covered but have you ever thought of decorating your ceiling? Details can make a difference.
They say that the ceiling is the fifth wall. When choosing the right color for your walls, make sure you look up and include the ceiling. There are many ways you can decorate your ceiling. Why not cover it with wallpaper? It’s a great way to add texture and color to your room.
You can also choose a lacquered paint for your ceiling. It will brighten up the room! But aim for uniformity by making sure the color matches the other elements in your décor.
Go for an upside down look by sticking wood planks to the ceiling! Check out Stikwood, a company that specializes in wood plank for walls and ceiling. It looks really nice!
If you’re not sure about making a permanent choice, opt for a cool lighting! Something big and bold that will keep everybody looking up!  Industrial lighting fixtures are really trendy and will make a big statement in your room!