Beaulieu Sets the Standards in Flooring Fashion

2016 is a year of renewal for Beaulieu America. In addition to redefining its corporate look and staying as fashion-forward as ever with its new unique program Your HomeStyle, the company has launched two new product categories this year: laminate and engineered hardwood.

The image of Beaulieu is now fresher, cleaner and more modern. The new 2016 corporate look was inspired by European trends, making it very unique. Look for the new white displays appearing in retail flooring and home décor stores near you. The goal of this minimalist approach is to put the focus on the products.
“At its essence, our minimalist marketing is about decluttering and letting our brand shine”, says Sophie-Tanya Lupien, Marketing Leader at Beaulieu America.

A clean look, combined with a fresh white, results in an image that is modern and sleek, all while delivering a clear and efficient message.

Beaulieu River plank engineered

River Planks engineered hardwood

More than carpet

In addition to its already well-known carpet and luxury vinyl selection, Beaulieu crafted new nylon, polypropylene and polyester carpet styles, carefully developed to follow the latest trends and set the standards in terms of comfort and quality. Beaulieu is also launching two new product categories in 2016: laminate and engineered hardwood. With this expanded selection of flooring, the goal is to offer customers a large variety of options that will suit the expectations of today’s consumers. Beaulieu is now becoming a one-stop brand for every customer’s interior design projects whether it’s for a new construction or a simple renovation.

Beaulieu Glasgow laminate

Glasgow laminate

Customers deserve Beaulieu standards

Five years ago, Beaulieu created its own hands-on quality control process. Beaulieu Lab Certification was developed to ensure strict quality control and to conform to industry regulations. For consumers, choosing products that have undergone a certification shows commitment not only to their family’s welfare, but also to the quality of the products they are buying. This goes to show that product certification will become a must for today’s savvy consumers.

“At Beaulieu this year, we also changed our perspective on flooring. We want our customers to understand that when they are purchasing flooring, they are investing in more than a floor. They are investing in a way to express their style and personality”, adds Ms. Lupien.

The Beaulieu team is constantly researching trends to make sure they are well aware of what’s going on now and what’s coming, therefore staying ahead of the competition. Beaulieu is setting the standards in flooring fashion.