Three Tips for a Home that Feels Like You

Surround yourself with love
The first step in creating a comfortable and personalized feel to your home is to surround yourself only with elements that you love. It might seem obvious, but what about the nice art deco vase that your mother-in-law gave you last Christmas? And let’s not even mention the angel book holders your significant other bought you for Valentine’s Day.
Remember that your home should reflect your personality and dare to give away anything that doesn’t suit you. Who knows, it might make someone else’s day! Your décor should only be made of things that inspire you and make you happy.
Create some décor items
You don’t need elaborate skills to create a personalized décor element. Least handy people will be glad to know that it’s possible to make a simple and affordable project. What about a collage of your vacation pictures on a cork board? Or a candle holder made from a Mason jar, a bit of hot glue and twigs and pinecones from your yard? Websites like Pinterest are full of interesting, easy and cheap ideas. The goal is simply to create something that you’ll be proud of and that represents you.
Treat yourself
We rarely think of buying little treats for the home. However, it doesn’t really get any better than a fresh flower bouquet to adorn the kitchen table. A sweet-scented candle or a luxurious hand soap can also brighten your day. Feeling like treating yourself to something more elaborate? Why not start a special piggy bank to buy the duvet cover you’ve wanted for so long? Go ahead : treat yourself!
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Pictures Credits:
1) Vickys-home.blogspot
3)Clare West Photography