New Product Alert! – Wool Inspiration

Noble materials are a timeless trend which is suitable for every style and we already discussed it on this blog. Elements like wood, metal and leather are easy to integrate into a room for a raw yet refined look. When it comes to carpets, nothing illustrates this trend better than wool. According to Laurie Dillingham, Director Product Styling & Design at Beaulieu Group, wool products bring both a timelessness and traditional quality into our homes. For centuries, wool textiles have woven themselves into both our fashion lives as well as our interiors.

Add to that the cocooning trend that’s been popular for quite some time now and you’ll understand why a wool-inspired carpet is a wise choice. It will help create an enveloping and comfortable feel. Excellent examples of this are Artistic Stria and Nomad, two classic styles from Beaulieu’s Wool Inspiration collection.


Artistic Stria 

In order to stay modern when choosing a wool carpet, it’s important to stay on top of trends. According to Domotex, for 2016, softly does it and neutral colors dominate. In terms of patterns, there is a strong shift toward classic ornamental motifs and geometries in a wide array of variations. Tartan and diamond patterns are two examples of geometric designs that are in vogue this year, available in the Jardin, Crosspointe and Laine Square styles of the Wool Inspiration collection.

As said by Mrs. Dillingham: “the collection brings both a variety of scale and design elements which we felt were both relevant to interiors as well as being reminiscent of historical wool looks themselves”. Patterns may leave some consumers skeptical. Yet, the floor is the largest canvas of your home. Why not dare to express your creativity and create a look that resembles you? A carefully selected pattern can enhance the design and allow the floor to become an integral part of each individual’s decorating choice.



Even though wool is a smart choice in terms of trend and design, it’s an expensive material that may not be suitable for every budget. It’s then interesting to know that some fibers offer great alternatives.

“At Beaulieu, we offer olefin which is an affordable alternative to wool.  The fiber is solution dyed which offers superior stain resistance and allowed us to blend and bundle the yarns in way to create subtle color transitions which were meant to emulate the beautiful organic irregularities found in the natural fiber itself”, says Laurie Dillingham.

It’s then possible to get the look and softness of wool combined with the strength of olefin for comfortable and affordable carpet.

Beaulieu’s Wool Inspiration collection is then part of the actual trends of comfort and timelessness. This new collection of 12 patterned loops is designed to capture the look of classic woven wools, but engineered for the convenience and value desired of today’s savvy consumer. Each pattern has been crafted with a combination of contemporary and classic color options allowing each person to define their style while getting the quietness, warmth, and softness of today’s superior engineered carpet.

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